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Can’t afford, or don’t want to pay, legal fees? No Lawyers removes the need to pay legal fees for negotiating separation agreements.
No Lawyers

No Lawyers is exactly that; No lawyers. Let’s be honest, people don’t really like lawyers. So why use them if you don’t need to?
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With a click of a button create documents required for sending your agreements to court to become legally binding.

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Take control of your separation

Finalise your asset division and parenting arrangements in a simple and easy way.

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No Lawyers provides an easy to use, step by step platform to create settlement offers, parenting schedules and court-ready documents.

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Join others who have saved thousands of dollars using No Lawyers to negotiate property and parenting agreements and have moved on to happier lives.

“We simply couldn’t afford legal fees and after being recommended No Lawyers, we quickly created both a financial and parenting agreement and moved on with our lives.”

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  • Custody and access
  • Property settlement
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