A family law platform that doesn’t need lawyers and saves you thousands of dollars.

No Lawyers makes it easier to negotiate and arrange property and parenting agreements, all without paying legal fees.

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Take control of your separation

Finalise your asset division and parenting arrangements in a simple and easy way.


Work together, if you want to

Work on your agreements by yourself or invite your partner in to work on the agreements together.

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Create parenting agreements including weekly schedules, special events and holidays.

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Asset pool

At your own speed, build your pool of assets, debts and superannuation.

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To help facilitate an agreement on asset values, valuations can be requested if partners disagree on it’s value.

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Create offers

Base on your asset pool, create financial settlement offers deciding who retains each asset.

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Create legally binding agreements

For a small fee, automatically generate the court-ready documents. All you have to do is print, sign and send to your local Family Law Court.

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Local services

If you do need help, be it in the form of a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, consellor, financial advisor or valuer, simply search our datbase for recommended local services.

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